The clinic offers the normal services you would expect in Veterinary Hospital including.

  • Counter sales with a wide range of products to treat worms, fleas and ticks, dental and skin products and products for other problems which are normally managed at home. We also stock a number of prescription diet foods for our clients. Our friendly staff can give advice about which product will best suit your needs.
  • Vaccinations and annual heartworm injections for dogs and vaccinations for cats. A health check-up is provided as part of our routine vaccination consultation.
  • Consultations and examinations for a wide range of medical and surgical problems including skin problems, ear problems, behavioural problems, arthritic problems, cardiovascular problems and a range of other conditions.
  • Local out of hours emergency service.
  • House calls can be arranged by appointment for some conditions. For conditions such as tick paralysis, snake bites and other conditions which will require hospitalisation and or surgery it is better to bring the patient to the clinic.
  • Routine castrations and spays.
  • Implanting microchips and putting details on the NSW State microchip database.
  • Ongoing management of chronic problems such as heart conditions, arthritis, diabetes and other hormonal problems.
  • Soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery.
  • Routine Dental cleaning and tooth extractions if indicated.
  • Clinical pathology.
  • Radiology
  • Clipping nails and grooming.
  • If needed the clinic can provide referrals to specialist centres.
  • Putting pets to sleep is an unfortunate part of our service. We try to do this with as much dignity as possible and can connect clients with a cremation service when needed.